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- Since 1885 -

Recent Awards

2009 British Empire Cheese Show

Reserve Grand Champion – Cheddar
Highest Point Total – Small Plant Category
First Place – Medium White Cheddar

2009 Royal Winter Fair

Innovative Cheese Category
First Place – Thai Curry Cheddar
Second Place – Raspberry Chocolate Cheese Fudge
Third Place – Chocolate Cheese Fudge

2014 Royal Winter Fair

Interior Ripened Cheeses Category
Third Place - Casa Bianca Asiago  (Placed first among all Asiago Cheese entries in the category)

2014 British Empire Cheese Competition

Hard Specialty Cheeses Category
Second Place - Casa Bianca Asiago

2015 Royal Winter Fair

Cheddar Cheese Category
First Place - Extra Mature Cheddar  (Aged for 24 months or longer)
Second Place - Medium Cheddar  (Aged 6-8 months)

Goat and Sheep Milk Variety, Flavoured Goat Cheese Category
Third Place - Caprino al Vino

 2016 Royal Winter Fair

Hard Cheese Category
First Place – Romano

Flavoured Fresh Cheese Category
First Place – Casa dei Diavoletti (Pressato with Crushed Chili Peppers)
Second Place – Casa di Pepe (Pressato with Cracked Peppercorns)

Mild Cheddar Category
Third Place – White Knight Mild Cheddar

Flavoured Semi-Hard Category
Third Place – Cheddar with Tomato & Basil

Flavoured Cheeses – Goat Category
Second Place – Caprino al Vino (Wine Cured Goat Cheese)

2016 British Empire Cheese Competition

Light Cheese – Open Class
Second Place – White Knight Mild Cheddar